Best rental markets for pet owners

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Renting is now considered a norm among the younger generation. Despite it being seen as temporary and highly dependent on market fluctuations, the average working person sees renting as a necessary and cheaper alternative than buying a house. Thus, more people are seeking rental opportunities that reflect personal tastes and lifestyles. An example of such niche rental markets is pet-friendly rental areas.

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With more people living with their pets, it is important that they find a place where their furries or critters are not considered a nuisance. The percentage of pet-friendly rental places hits single digits in some cities, according to a local study done by®. The more discriminate pet owner can explore areas that fuse both functionality and style. These high-class rental opportunities are listed below, in no particular order.

1. Lantana Ridge (Austin, TX) – rents start at $973
2. Desert Club Apartments (Phoenix, AZ) – rents start at $815
3. Madera Point Apartments (Mesa, AZ) – rents start at $599
4. The Sutherland (Chicago, IL) – rents start at $705
5. AVA High Line (New York City, NY) – rents start at $2,935
6. Lure at Cedar Springs (Dallas, TX) – rents start at $925
7. Clyde Manor (Kansas City, MO) – rents start at $625
8. Garrison Square (Boston, MA) – rents start at $3,095
9. Glen Hills (Milwaukee, WI) – rents start at $780
10. 1150 Apartments (Denver, CO) – rents start at $845

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These rental opportunities were specifically designed to give the highest quality and comfort to renters and their animal companions. Nevertheless, the average person might be shocked by the prices. The good news is that more areas are developing rental homes that can handle owners and their pets at more affordable prices. Connect with a professional commercial real estate broker to find rental opportunities near your area.


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